Amazon Mastercard Credit Card - How to Order Online

This article explains how to apply for an Amazon Mastercard Credit Card online. You will learn the step-by-step process to ensure a smooth application. 

We'll also cover the card's benefits and essential contact information. By the end, you'll be ready to take full advantage of the Amazon Mastercard.


Overview of Amazon and its Mastercard

Amazon is a global e-commerce known for its vast product selection and fast delivery. Its Mastercard offers a convenient way to earn rewards on purchases. 

The card is designed to enhance your shopping experience. It allows you to earn cashback and enjoy various perks. 

It's a simple yet powerful tool for frequent Amazon users. Let's explore its features and benefits.


Features of Amazon Mastercard Credit Card

It provides a range of benefits to cardholders. These features make it a valuable addition to your wallet.

Description of Benefits

Using this Mastercard, you can enjoy various rewards that enhance your shopping experience:

  • 1.5% back: Earn 1.5% back on eligible purchases at and Whole Foods Market stores after the welcome offer ends. Eligible Prime members earn 2.5% back.
  • 1% back: Get 1% back on eligible foreign currency transactions, which helps cover transaction fees when traveling or shopping abroad. Eligible Prime members earn 2.5% back.
  • 1% back: Receive rewards on other eligible purchases everywhere Mastercard is accepted—from gas stations to groceries.

How to Maximize Rewards?

You need to use your card strategically to get the most out of it. Here are some tips to maximize your rewards.


Strategies to Get the Most Out of Your Card

These strategies will help you earn more rewards:

  • Use for everyday purchases: Use your card for routine expenses like groceries and gas.
  • Take advantage of bonus categories: Utilize special promotions and offers.
  • Pay your balance in full: Avoid interest charges to maximize your savings.
  • Link accounts: Combine rewards with other Amazon accounts.

Tips for Earning and Redeeming Rewards Efficiently

Efficiently earning and redeeming rewards can enhance your experience:

  • Check for promotions: Look for special reward offers.
  • Redeem smartly: Use rewards for purchases that maximize value.
  • Combine rewards: Merge rewards from different cards or programs.
  • Stay informed: Keep up with changes in the rewards program.

Security Features

Knowing the security features of your card is crucial. Here's how your card information is protected.

Explanation of Security Measures

The card uses advanced encryption technology to secure your transactions. It offers fraud monitoring to detect unusual activity. 

You have zero liability for unauthorized transactions. These features ensure your card is protected at all times.

Tips for Keeping Your Card Information Secure

Here are some simple tips to help keep your card information safe:

  • Monitor your statements: Regularly check for unauthorized transactions.
  • Use secure websites: Ensure the site is secure before entering card details.
  • Update passwords: Change your online banking passwords regularly.
  • Report lost cards: Immediately report if your card is lost or stolen.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the Amazon Mastercard, you must meet specific basic requirements. These criteria ensure you are eligible to enjoy the card’s benefits.

Basic Requirements

Before applying, make sure you meet the following criteria:

  • Age: You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Residency: You need to be a resident of Canada.
  • Credit History: A good credit score is essential.
  • Income: You must have a stable income source.

Importance of Credit History and Income Level

Having a good credit history increases your chances of approval. It shows that you manage credit responsibly. 

A stable income ensures you can meet the repayment obligations. Both factors are crucial for a successful application.

How to Order Online?

Ordering online is simple and convenient. Follow these steps to apply for your card through Amazon's official website.

Step-By-Step Guide

Here’s a detailed guide to help you through the application process:

  • Visit Amazon's website: Go to the credit card section.
  • Select the card: Choose the Amazon Mastercard option.
  • Fill out the application: Enter your personal and financial details.
  • Submit the form: Review your information and apply.
  • Wait for approval: You’ll be notified about the status of your application.

Required Documents and Information

Before you start, make sure you have the following documents and information ready:

  • Identification: A valid ID like a driver's license or passport.
  • Proof of income: Recent pay stubs or a letter of employment.
  • Bank details: Your bank account information for verification.
  • Contact information: A valid email address and phone number.

Tips for Successful Application

Here are some tips to help you complete your application successfully:

  • Check your credit score: Ensure your credit score is in good standing.
  • Gather documents: Have all required documents ready before starting.
  • Double-check information: Make sure all entered details are correct.
  • Be honest: Provide accurate information to avoid any issues.
  • Contact support: If you have any questions, contact customer service for help.

Interest Rates and Fees

Understanding the interest rates and fees is crucial before applying:

  • No annual fee: You won't be charged a yearly fee for this card.
  • Purchases: The interest rate for purchases is 19.99%.
  • Cash Advances: The interest rate for cash advances is 22.99% for non-Quebec residents and 20.99% for Quebec residents.
  • Balance Transfers: The interest rate for balance transfers is 22.99% for non-Quebec residents and 20.99% for Quebec residents.

Bank Contact Information and Address

If you need assistance, knowing how to reach customer support is essential. Here’s how you can contact them:

Customer Support Details

If you have any questions or need help with your application, call 1-800-346-5538. If you prefer to send mail, use the following address: Synchrony Bank / Amazon, P.O. Box 960013, Orlando, FL 32896-0013

They are available to assist with any issues or inquiries. When you contact them, make sure to have your details ready.

Disclaimer: Be aware of the legal terms and conditions when applying for the Amazon Mastercard. Always read the fine print to understand any limitations and obligations.

Bottom Line: How to Order Online?

Ordering the Amazon Mastercard online is straightforward and offers numerous benefits. By following the steps outlined, you can easily complete your application. 

Remember to prepare all required documents and understand the interest rates and fees involved. Use the provided contact information for any support. This guide ensures you have all the necessary details on how to order online.

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