These Are The Signs It Is Time To Refinance A Mortgage

With the help of social media, educational platforms, and other modes of disseminating information, more and more people are getting into the investment sphere. Many young individuals are taking a good look at the market and are becoming more aware of their options. Getting a home is one of these choices.

Buying a home is the perfect opportunity for those who wanted to build a family or live independently. Those who bought their home are likely to have gotten a mortgage to secure it. When the time comes, they should consider refinancing it. Read on to know more about mortgage refinancing.

These Are The Signs It Is Time To Refinance A Mortgage
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What Is Refinancing?

Refinancing is the practice of replacing the terms of an existing loan by getting a new loan. In the process of refinancing loans, the borrower shops around for a lender that can offer better terms compared to their current one. Once they settle on an improved option, they can replace the old one.

These Are The Signs It Is Time To Refinance A Mortgage
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Simply put, refinance or refi is the process of getting a new loan to fund the payment on an existing loan. Elders have always advised against paying off a debt with a new one, which can help continue the debt cycle. However, this is a common misconception as only poor planning can lead to bad results.

For mortgages, refinancing a long-term loan is a good option, but only if the borrower carefully considers their option. Moreover, refi has a lot to offer for mortgage loanees, especially if they get it at the right time for the right reasons. What are those reasons? Check them out below.

Shifting From Fixed To Variable Rates And Vice Versa

The thing about getting loans is that borrowers have the choice to pick between lenders that offer variable rates and fixed ones. Variable rates are affected by the frequent changes in the Standard or Base Rates in the market.

These Are The Signs It Is Time To Refinance A Mortgage
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This means that the loan does not have a static rate and that their interest amount can change every so often. Meanwhile, borrowers who got a fixed rate will need to work with that rate throughout the loan term. Both types have their advantages, and it is up to the loanee to strategize.


If the fixed rate is becoming less manageable for the borrower and they want to get a variable rate, then refinancing is a great option. The same is true for individuals looking to switch from a variable rate to fixed rates.

Decreased Market Interest Rates

Several factors cause the market rates to change over time. The economy, inflation, the state of the housing market, and the United States are factors that can affect the fluctuation of interest rates. Rates can go up or down depending on how these elements perform.

These Are The Signs It Is Time To Refinance A Mortgage
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This is likely to affect the loan rate, especially for borrowers who got a mortgage with a variable rate, as the interest percentage they need to pay varies depending on the Standard Rates. This is one reason why borrowers would want to switch to a fixed rate when rates are low.

Borrowers will know that it is the right time to refinance when they observe a downward trend in the market rates. During their search for a refi offer, loanees should look for one that provides fixed rates.

Upcoming ARM Adjustment

Many mortgage lenders offer an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM), which lets borrowers enjoy a period in which the rate is fixed. After this duration, the lender can adjust the rate according to the adjustment frequency they prefer. The changes can happen monthly, bi-yearly, or yearly, depending on the lender.

These Are The Signs It Is Time To Refinance A Mortgage
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The rate will depend on the loaner’s variable or base rate so that the rate can vary from one company to another. This can be disadvantageous to the loanee as the overall amount paid for the ARM usually blows up after the adjustment.

The best way for borrowers to avoid paying more is to refinance their loans and switch to a contract that offers fixed lower rates.

Switching To An ARM

The thing about ARMs is that they usually start with a low rate during the fixed-rate period. In fact, the offers sometimes even go below the market rate. It may be the right time to refinance for those seeing a lowering trend in the Standard or Base rates in the market.

These Are The Signs It Is Time To Refinance A Mortgage
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As mentioned, an ARM gives borrowers a period in which the rates are fixed, usually lower. The period will depend on the lender’s offer, but one thing is for sure: loanees will be able to enjoy a duration in which their repayments are lower.

The catch is the rates will be adjusted once this period is over, and usually, this is when the repayment amount goes up. The amount can also vary depending on the market, especially as the rates go with this.

Improvements In Income

Borrowers should also consider refinancing when they see an improvement in their income or credit scores. One thing to remember about mortgages or any kind of loan is that credit rating comes into play even during the application process.

These Are The Signs It Is Time To Refinance A Mortgage
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Keep in mind that lenders usually take a look at the applicants’ credit score and financial background. This is to see whether the applicant can pay the loan back. The thing is, those with lower credit scores are given higher rates than those with higher scores.

An increase in income means that lenders can pay their obligations more consistently, which can reflect in their credit scores. Refinancing will consider this improved rating and can lead to a lower interest rate.

Looking To Get Better Terms Due To Increase In Value

An increase in the property’s value is a great sign that it is time to refinance the loan. Borrowers do not want to owe more than what the house is worth, so it is better to look for better loan terms. Combined with an excellent credit score, the loanee can get a pretty good deal.

These Are The Signs It Is Time To Refinance A Mortgage
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This is because a high-value home and good credit pose fewer risks to lending institutions. This can indicate longevity, ability to make repayments, and on-time payments.

For those wondering what can increase the value of a property, there are several things. Doing work on the property increases its value, whether they did repairs, remodeling, renovations, and the like. Owning it for a long time is also a great thing as, during this time, the value of the neighborhood could have increased.

Getting A Strategic Cash-Out Refinancing

Generally, a well-timed and well-thought-out move to refinance a mortgage helps borrowers lower down their monthly repayments. However, there is a type of refinancing that can increase the cost but offers a different kind of benefit.

These Are The Signs It Is Time To Refinance A Mortgage
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This option is cash-out refinancing. With this, the lending company will provide the borrower with cash or check and the remaining balance, which will definitely increase the monthly repayments.

However, this is a good move for people in need of money for a huge expense. This way, they do not have to apply for a personal loan and instead consolidate all their debts through mortgage refinancing.

Wanting To Pay Off The Loan Quickly

When borrowers are in a better financial state, they may now afford to pay more monthly toward their mortgage. Many people would think that this is not ideal, but with the right planning, this could be one of the best financial decisions they could make.

These Are The Signs It Is Time To Refinance A Mortgage
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Loanees can take advantage of their new financial ability by looking for an offer with a shorter loan term. If the existing mortgage is good for 30 years, then they might want to choose a contract that lets them repay over 15 years or any offer lower than the original term.

This way, they can repay the loan and be free of this debt sooner. This can also be more cost-efficient in the long run, especially if they could snag a sweet deal with rates.

The Benefits Of Refinancing

Refinancing can provide individuals with a range of benefits, the first of these would be obtaining an ideal mortgage rate. As a matter of fact, this is one of the primary reasons why individuals may even consider refinancing in the first place.

These Are The Signs It Is Time To Refinance A Mortgage
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Individuals can save money in the long run by refinancing their existing mortgages at the current market rates. In time, this can provide more favorable rates or may allow loanees or borrowers to qualify for lower rates. This leads individuals to pay lower monthly payments, especially when factoring in old home loans having the same cutoff dates as the newly refinanced mortgage.

Refinancing also opens up more stable and predictable costs. For those who are currently on an adjustable-rate mortgage plan, refinancing gives borrowers the option to move towards a fixed-rate loan, foregoing rates that rise depending on the market.

The Takeaway

It is great to be a homeowner through a worthwhile mortgage, but it is better to be one if they know how to take advantage of mortgage refinancing. With a well-timed refi, loanees are bound to take full ownership of the property in no time.

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